We believe that each child is a rising star in the world of reading, and we want to encourage them to reach for the stars as they launch their reading journey.

Nothing will get kids more excited about reading than a great, engaging story. And who better to shine a spotlight on the world of reading than the stars kids already know and love? That’s why the Ready-to-Read list features the stars kids want to read about.
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We hope you’ll join us as we blast off on our journey to help kids become reading stars.
The reading universe awaits them!



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Rising Star Certificate (Educators)
Star Certificate (Educators)
Superstar Certificate (Educators)
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Why you should reach for the
All books have been vetted by educational experts to adhere to latest beginning reader guidelines

Great stories spur imagination and encourage storytelling

Motivational star-themes leveling system and supporting materials will make all kids feel good about learning to read...

...even those who are a bit reluctant or who struggle at first.

Stellar feedback for

The Ready-to-Read books are a perfect addition to the reading landscape for young children. I love the variety of titles. The books are engaging, with both fiction and nonfiction titles, and the added information that is provided for teachers and parents is very helpful in guiding children’s reading progress, as well as providing perfect avenues to talk together about the stories and richly extend the reading experience.”
—Dr. Donna L. Knoell,
Educational Consultant and Literacy Specialist

My experience with the Ready-to-Read series has always been extremely positive. Many of my students are first exposed to the readers through familiar characters (Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, PJ Masks, Ryan from Ryan’s World, etc.), and the top banner helps them move on to more challenging books while staying within the comfort of a familiar book set. There is something wonderful in seeing students move from the “Mo” books to the “Game Day” series and move up to “You Should Meet...”, giving them the confidence that they can read on their own, and the topics of interest grow with the children and their reading levels.”
School Librarian, HANC Plainview

Our patrons love the Ready-to-Read series! I like introducing parents to these books since there is always a story that will interest even the most reluctant readers. Parents like them because the levels help their child enjoy reading without making them too frustrated.”
Librarian, Free Library of Philadelphia

“These are high-quality books in terms of both content and the physical book itself. For beginning readers, the stories hold their interest to encourage them to keep reading and will be fondly remembered by families when the child is older. The nonfiction titles are stellar – the topics are of high interest, the writing is accurate, and has an ease of reading – and are a wonderful way to introduce children to the type of informational reading they will be doing for their entire academic careers. I confess I learn something from every title!”
Director Youth Services, West Port Library, CT